Interesting Links Vol. 7

Whenever my browser has to many tabs open, I share some links that are interesting enough to save. Some I’ve read, some I want to read, some I’ve saved away for a future idea. Hopefully you will get some benefit from the shared knowledge.

Volume 7 is a random collection of links from tweets, newsletters and blog posts.

Start Your Own ISP - I can’t say I have any plans to build my own ISP (Internet Service Providor), but it was very interesting reading through how to build one. This guide with very well put together with lots of great information. Written by Graham, the book is introduced as;

This site is dedicated to helping you start your own Internet Service Provider. Specifically this guide is about building a Wireless ISP (WISP)… A WISP is an ISP that uses wireless technology to provide Internet service to homes or businesses. WISP networks are often called fixed wireless networks as opposed to mobile wireless networks. A WISP using modern technology can provide customers with low latency connections and speeds up to about 150Mbps at competitive prices

No, You Don’t Need a Budget - If you’ve been following along with this website, there has been much more writting about investing and money. Budgeting is a huge part to this discussion. There are lots of different (and effective) ways to budget your money. This guide is for the people that have trouble sticking to a budget. It’s a simplier and more philosophical way to look at your money management.

Firefox Hardening Guide - A discovered this website through a different article that discussed why you shouldn’t use the Brave Browser. Or more so, about how the Brave Browser isn’t as secure/private at their marketing suggests. At the end of the article the author provides this guide to using Firefox and making it more secure and private. For anyone interesting on securing their time online, it’s worth reading. I’ve implemented some of the changed on my own machine.

I’m Rich Now. It’s Weird. - I would put this under more entertaining than informative, but it’s a story written anonymously about becoming rich overnight through a company IPO. It talks about imposter syndrome and the feeling of “do you really deserve this money.” It’s interesting and from a perspective not usually seen.

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