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This book is being written for anyone working with educational technology. If you have devices in the hands of student in your distrcit, I want to help. The book is being written from my experience as both a classroom teacher and a distrcit administrator.

The focus of the book is, how to implement an impactful and sustainable 1:1 program in a K12 environments. Not just giving every kid a device. The book will introduct and advocate the CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) model, but the ideas can be applied to any model you choose.

Many well intentioned and well funded technology initiatives fall flat. Programs fail for any combination of reasons; planning, implementation, culture, understanding, communication, etc. I will share what I have learned and show how to mitigate or remove these obstacles. A 1:1 program is a lot more than just the device. The actual device(s) you choose matter very little.

The technology used in these programs changes constantly, My focus will be on the systems you need in place to make the program work and less about specific technology. The content of the book will apply to any technology initiative you want run, not just a blip in time when (insert your favorite tech) is the current trend.


  • devices

    Building a Choose Youre Own Device 1:1 program for your school district.

  • device_unknown
    What's Next for 1:1

    How an impactful 1:1 program is about more than a device in students hands

  • face
    Digital Citizenship

    Technology is an unavoidable part of society and learning today. Understanding it is part of being a good citizen.

  • people
    1:1 is for Everyone

    A 1:1 program is about studnts, teachers, administrators, and the community participating and working together.

  • border_all

    Giving everyone the same device is equality. Giving everyone the device they need to be successful is equity.

  • sync
    Asynchronous Communication

    How to introduce and use an asychronous workflow and how it helps students succeed.

  • insert_chart_outlined
    Future Proof

    Technology is a huge investment for any distrcit. We'll discuss how to protect this investment.

  • add_to_queue
    Technology Habit

    Learning how to learn with technology. How do we make it a habit?


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Pre-ordering is the only way to receive the book on the first day it's available (maybe even a little sooner). There will be few print editions available at launch, pre-ordering will guarantee you get one.

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With the newsletter I will be providing early chapter samples and asking for feedback from you. Your feedback and input will influence the final version of the book.

Independent Author

Directly support an independent author. This book is being produced entirely on my own. Any pre-order purchases go directly to helping produce this book and making it free for others.

EdTech Community

With enough pre-orders, I will organize and be an active participant in a Slack Community (or similar technology) built around the book’s topics. This community will start before the book’s launch, and continue after.


The pricing for the book is very simple, whatever works for your budget. Pay what you want or think is fair, including paying nothing.

The information in this book is there to help improve the education of our students. It shouldn't be behind a paywall. The book is really free and you are encouraged to share it.

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Why A Book?

Apart from being a goal to actually write a book, this format seemed the best way to distribute these ideas and best practices in the most beneficial and impactful way. It’s a scaleable way to share an idea.

Who is this book for?

Anyone working or involved with K12 education. The topics explored and discussed are with the assumption of a K12 school district and student population.

Is it really free?

The information in this book is there to help improve the education of our students. It shouldn't be behind a paywall. The book is really free and you are encouraged to share it.

I want to learn more...

Feel free to contact me direct at stephen [a], or on Twitter


Spread the Word

Sharing this project with others is a great way to contribute. Share by word of mouth, social media, or any way you choose. If you share this project on Twitter, feel free to let me know (@swoicik).

Help Editing

You are viewing the raw form of this writing. Part of this project is you get to see how the book is being written, not just the finished project. When you reading through you notice a spelling issue, grammar issue, or something just doesn't sound right, let me know. You can create an issue on GitHub or message me on Twitter.


You can now pre-order the book the book. The book is being released under a pay what you want model. Pre-order by clicking here.