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I am writing a book on Educational Technology based around the CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) 1:1 Model.

This is my first attempt at writing a book. I am writing this book entirely in the public (a good idea or an insane one?). You can view the progress on GitHub or check the CYOD Category page for updates.

If you have any questions or comments you can message me on Twitter, @swoicik.

The Book

The focus of the book is, how to implement a successful and sustainable 1:1 program in a K12 environments. I advocate for the CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) model, but the ideas can be applied to any model you choose.

Too many well intentioned and well funded technology programs fall flat. Programs fail for any combination of reasons; planning, implementation, culture, understanding, communication, etc. I will share what I have learned and show how to mitigate or remove these obstacles. A 1:1 program is a lot more than just the device. The actual device(s) you choose matters very little.

The technology used in these programs changes constantly, so my focus will be on the systems you need in place to make the program work and less about specific technology. I want the content of the book to apply to any technology program you would run in education, not just a blip in time when (insert your favorite tech) is the current trend.

Why A Book?

Apart from being a goal to actually write a book, this format seemed the best way to distribute these ideas and best practices in the most beneficial and impactful way. It’s a scaleable way to share an idea.

Why Public?

Before deciding to attempt writing a book, I did a lot of research on how to write a book, and reached out to people that had done it before. I wanted an idea of what I was getting into. Most advice boils down to “Just write.” Good advice, but I needed more.

Writing a book is a weird thing. A person works almost in secret (or with a small group of people) for a very long time then releases everything into the world. The final product is known, but very little is shared about the process.

When I’m learning how to code something new, I don’t go look at the final products that people made, I look at the source code and try to figure out how they built it.

I wanted to share the entire process I’m going through (the source code of the book), hopefully it will help someone else.

There are lots of way to contribute and support this project. Any and all ways are greatly appreciated. Projects like this aren’t possible without a community of supporters around it.

Ways to Contribute

Spread the Word

Sharing this project with others is a great way to contribute. Share by word of mouth, social media, or any way you choose. If you share this project on Twitter, feel free to let me know (@swoicik).

Help Editing

You are viewing the raw form of this writing. Part of this project is you get to see how the book is being written, not just the finished project. When you reading through you notice a spelling issue, grammar issue, or something just doesn’t sound right, let me know. You can create an issue on GitHub or message me on Twitter.


You can now pre-order the book the book. The book is being released under a pay what you want model. Pre-order by clicking here, or using the form below.