Why Google Assistant Is Important

Google recently had their big developer conference. It is where they announce new features, products, and future plans for many of their platforms (Android, Chrome, Cloud, etc.).

Google Assistant is/was a big part of this conference. As it has been in the past. Google is really showing how it wants Assistant and it’s AI technology to be a focus point of it products in the future. And they want it to be a primary way users interact with Google.

Google Assistant is a lot more powerful than it’s current competition (Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri). And that’s for good reason. Google is heavily investing in the platform.

Google’s money comes from advertising. Mostly from search. Google is where people go to get quick answers. That is changing. Voice controlled apps/devices like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are becoming more convenient and quicker.

When I want to look up the hours of a restaurant now, it’s way easier to ask Siri on my iPhone than open up the browser and do a Google search. That’s one more search that Google isn’t getting. And one less chance to show me an advertisement for the restaurant down the street.

For Google to continue to be the powerhouse in advertising it is, it needs users to be going there. It needs the attention of people. Google Assistant is the next evolution of this.

Google Assistant means more the Google than Alexa to Amazon and Siri to Apple.

Apple and Amazon are looking to gain some market share with their assistants. Google is looking to maintain theres.

It will be very interesting to see how all this plays out in the future and how Google monetizes the platform (that have already begun slipping advertisements in their speakers).

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