Portfolio Updates (May 2021)

A big change. In the past I have shared my primary investing portfolio and how it is comprised. This week I am including any brokerage accounts I have and aggregating the data into one sheet. I am also including cryptocurrencies for the first time. This would have been a really time consuming task to do in the past. Since creating the stock portfolio tracking spreadsheet, it is much easier and why I am able to share this more comprehensive investment view.

Having most of my investments all in one view like this also helped me gain some more insight and confirm some of my investing habits. I have a few core positons that I like to add to. Those are the biggest holdings. I also make a large number of small investments on stocks I am interested in following more. I have 44 total stocks in this sheet, but you’ll notice the majority of them are way below 1% of total investment value. These are small bets of stocks I think have a bright future, but I’m not ready (or available) to throw a lot of money into it.

It’s almost a venture capital way of investing. Many small bets, only need a couple to pay off in the long run. Tesla and Shopify are examples of that. They were very small investments to start becasue I like the companies. Those small bets have turned into two of my largest holdings because of the performance of the stock. I never really thought of my investing style in this way, but putting everything together in a spreadsheet made this very clear.

The next part is cryptocurrencies. I have been investing in cryprocurrencies for quite some time, but began taking it much more seriously (both in my attention and money) over the past year. Again, like my stock investing, I have two primary holdings (BTC and ETH) and a number of small holdings in altcoins.

For some background on why I publish these portfolio updates, go read Talking About Money. That posts makes the argument that money should be a topic of conversation. It’s the only way everyone will understand it better. I also shared my current investing portfolio and promised to post regular updates. Here is the May 2021 update…

Below is a list of my current portfolio and the percentage each investment takes up in the portfolio.

Stock Portfolio %
AAPL - Apple 8.14%
AFRM - Affirm 0.02%
AMT - American Tower 0.11%
ARKK - ARK Innovation ETF 0.09%
ASAN - Asana 0.16%
ATVI - Activsion 0.10%
BOX - Box 0.57%
BRKB - Berkshire Hathaway 2.02%
CCI - Crown Castle 0.11%
CVNA - Carvana 0.15%
COIN - Coinbase 0.10%
DDD - 3D Systems 0.97%
DIS - Disney 4.34%
DKNG - DraftKings 0.08%
DOCU - DocuSign 0.05%
ETSY - Esty 0.10%
FSLY - Fastly 0.23%
FVRR - Fiverr 0.87%
HD - Home Depot 3.28%
IBM - IBM 1.52%
JPM - JP Morgan Chase 2.62%
KO - Coca-Cola 1.09%
LMND - Lemonade 0.96%
MCD - McDonalds 2.31%
MJ - MJ 0.39%
MNSFT - Microsoft 4.65%
NET - Cloudfare 0.36%
NKE - Nike 2.06%
PENN - Penn National Gaming 0.02%
PEP - Pepsi 0.28%
PINS - Pinterest 0.04%
RBLX - Roblox 0.62%
SBUX - Starbucks 13.03%
SHOP - Shopify 11.81%
SMG - Scotts Miracle Grow 2.29%
SQ - Square 4.20%
TEAM - Atlassian 0.07%
TGT - Target 4.83%
TSLA - Tesla 22.69%
TWLO - Twilio 0.22%
TWTR - Twitter 1.07%
UPST - Upstart 0.93%
UPWK - Upwork 0.40%
ZEN - Zendesk 0.05%
Cryptocurrency Portfolio %
BTC - Bitcoin 45.61%
ETH - Ethereum 28.67%
ADA - Cardano 7.80%
LINK - Chainlink 5.44%
LTC - Litecoin 4.11%
DOT - Polkadot 3.81%
MATIC - Polygon 3.40%
XLM - Stellar 1.15%

As a final note, here is a stock from my watch list. BYND (Beyond Meat) has been one I am looking at a lot more. It’s a tough stock for me to actually buy in to. The industry has huge growth potential in the next several years. It’s already grown exponentially over the past few years. Normally I would buy a basket of stocks in the industry and let the market figure out a winner. With this industry, many of the companies are not public yet. BYND is one of the first. I don’t know if BYND really has a competitive advantage. Do you buy BYND just to get into the industry? Wait until more companies are public in this space? I like the industry, but don’t particulary like this company.

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